The Ultimate Guide to Collecting Renowned Modern Works of Art

The Ultimate Guide to Collecting Renowned Modern Works of Art

The journey to becoming an art collector can be challenging and even slightly daunting, but the rewards are undeniably gratifying. If you're eager to begin curating your own art collection, this comprehensive guide is tailored for you.

Imagine your home adorned with stunning works of art? If the answer is yes, you're on the threshold of embarking on the rewarding path of art collection.

While that might sound like a difficult endeavor, it's entirely achievable and can be tailored to your pace and schedule. Dispel the myth that art collection is a privilege reserved for the affluent. With the right knowledge and resources, you can successfully navigate this realm, and we're here to guide you.

Never stop learning

The world of art is vast, encompassing a rich tapestry of movements, iconic figures, and evolving styles. Even if you're well-versed in art, there's always more to discover. Dive into the history, explore new and upcoming artists, and stay updated on significant art events.


Regularly visit art museums and exhibitions, attend conferences, scour the internet, read books, and watch documentaries. By immersing yourself, you'll uncover hidden gems and refine your tastes for your evolving collection.


Build up your style

Your continuous exploration will help crystallize your unique style. As you absorb more, you'll discern whether you gravitate toward realism, minimalism, abstract art, or a mix of various forms. However, while honing your preferences is valuable, remain open to evolving tastes to keep your collection vibrant and dynamic.

In previous blog posts, we shared some best practices to explore and define your own style – make sure to check them out!


Meet the right people

Networking with fellow art enthusiasts can provide inspiration, further learning, and access to coveted pieces. Whether it's a seasoned art curator, a gallery owner, or a like-minded collector, these connections can be invaluable. Engage in art clubs, online groups, exclusive events, workshops, and artist talks. Platforms like Instagram or Pinterest also offer a treasure trove of emerging artists and evolving trends.

At The Art Dome, we offer the expertise of skilled art advisors and curators who are ready to become your trusted consultants and assist you in your collection journey. 



Engaging with online art platforms and websites is also a great way to discover art pieces that align with your preferences. Many websites allow you to filter art by style, medium, and subject.


Define your budget


Collecting art is, in the end, an investment. Make sure to set clear expectations around the budget you will allocate for purchasing works of art. Clearly outline a budget to ensure you make informed acquisitions. While some pieces might be pricier, with the right connections and resources, you can secure art that's both valuable and affordable. If you're committing a significant sum, consider consulting a curator or art advisor to guide your purchases.


Set up a proper space

Once you are ready to own some art pieces, the right next step is to determine the correct place for them to be showcased and conserved. Some works of art such as fine art paintings must be handled with care and should be well-preserved so they don’t get damaged and lose their value.


If you want to display your collection at your home, make sure the environment is suitable for the art pieces to last long. Lighting, temperature and dryness are key to maintaining artworks in good conditions, as seen in most art galleries and exhibitions.


This is just as important if you decide to store the art pieces instead, which is why it might be a good idea to book a spot in an art storage, or get an art curator to set up some good storage space in your home. You may use storage drawers and racks to preserve each art piece on its own, just be mindful about the conditions of the room they will be kept in.


At The Art Dome, our goal is to give you that push you need to own great works of art. Follow us and get the best advice for your journey into becoming an art collector.

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