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The Art Dome
The Art Dome

Laura Montañés

Laura is passionate about art, collections, and market innovation. This has led her to research the creative economy and effectively work in various fields within the art ecosystem.

She holds an Art, Law, and Business MSc from Christie's Education London, and previously, she graduated from The University of The Andes in Bogota, where she completed undergraduate major programs in painting and curatorial studies and minors in business administration and law focusing on intellectual property and copyright. She is also a certified appraiser from the Appraisers Association of America.

Today Laura works as an art consultant for her firm, The LAACC (Latin American Art and Culture Consultancy) where they manage private, corporate, and institutional art collections, offering services of cataloging, appraisals, acquisitions, sales, insurance, and taxes among others. Additionally, she is a professor of art and other collectibles at CESA (College of Higher Administration Studies, Bogota).

Previously she worked as the director of cultural assets for the Itau Bank in Bogota, Christie’s Auction House at the Client Services department in London, the Ministry of Culture in Colombia, ArtBO International Art Fair, Bogotá Auctions, ArtemOperandi and Cronica Art.

The Art Dome
The Art Dome

Manuela Rodríguez

Manuela is a graduate in visual arts with a focus on fine arts from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogotá. Following this, she pursued a specialization in curation for museums and exhibitions with a focus on art marketing and cultural entrepreneurship.

Manuela has worked in various fields within the art and creative industries. In 2020, she founded Good Form a boutique marketing agency for social media specialized in luxury products and services, and worked as the national marketing director of the Brazilian franchise Oakberry in Colombia.

She is also a co-founder of The LAACC, an art and culture consultancy where she has carried out projects for institutions, corporate art collections such as Cafam and Bavaria, various private collections, as well as auctions with foundations and galleries in Colombia. Prior to joining The LAACC, she worked in artistic management and in the corporate collection of Itaú Bank.

The Art Dome
The Art Dome

Amy Navarrete

Amy is a graduate in Arts with a concentration in Cultural Management and a minor in Photography from the Universidad de los Andes in Bogota. She continued her academic journey, earning a Master's in Curatorial Practice from Bath Spa University in England, followed by another Master's in Art and Culture Management from Rome Business School.

In the dynamic realm of cultural management and the art market, Amy has demonstrated expertise through roles in galleries, fairs, museums, and independent spaces. Actively contributing to the development of art exhibitions, events, and diverse cultural projects, she has collaborated with various stakeholders in the cultural field.

Amy has also served as a curator for several exhibitions both in Colombia and the UK.Beyond this, she is the creator of the platform "Iridiscente," dedicated to supporting emerging artists and designers, showcasing a commitment to fostering creativity and innovation in the art world.