arquitecturas adosadas: Pez #4

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Description: Materials Masonry and assembly at a scale of 1/30.

Size: 23.62 x 11.81 x 7.48 IN

60 x 30 x 19 CM

Vendor:Mauricio Salcedo, Colombia, b. 1993

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Mauricio Salcedo, Colombia, b. 1993

Mauricio Salcedo, a dynamic young Colombian artist with roots in Bogotá, possesses a unique lens through which he views the world—a lens deeply influenced by his family's journey and their role in reshaping their neighborhood, their residence, and even the very materials used in construction. From his early years, he observed the evolution of construction systems, a transformation that resonates profoundly within the corporate landscape.

Salcedo perceives construction as an evolution stemming from humble beginnings. His firsthand experiences at construction sites within his neighborhood revealed the ingenious solutions crafted by workers, who ingeniously devised rudimentary pulleys and mechanisms to transport materials and erect structures. His observations serve as a testament to human ingenuity and the relentless pursuit of progress, principles that mirror the values cherished within the corporate world.

Every house or building façade, according to Salcedo, embodies a narrative—a story etched in bricks and mortar, a testament to the dedication of families who gradually erected each wall. These facades serve not only as records of time but also as symbols of the relentless pursuit of progress by countless families. Salcedo astutely notes, "The absurdity is in the method. Who would think of building a mezzanine on a fifth floor whose roof joins the roof of the fourth floor? This absurdity occurs because there is an informality in the construction. People break the norm. In fact, we, my family, did it too."

Incorporating Mauricio Salcedo's perspective into the corporate milieu offers a transformative lens through which to examine corporate growth and development. His insights underscore the importance of innovation, adaptability, and embracing unconventional approaches—qualities that resonate deeply within progressive organizations. Salcedo's artistry encourages a reconsideration of norms and inspires a dynamic spirit of resilience and creativity within the corporate context.

By incorporating Salcedo's narrative into corporate spaces, we can stimulate dialogues around resourcefulness, adaptability, and the pursuit of progress. His work serves as a poignant reminder that, even in the face of unconventional challenges, the corporate world can thrive by embracing inventive solutions and forging unique paths toward success.