The Art Dome is not in the business of just selling you an artwork, we aim to connect you with the piece that is precisely right for you, on any occasion.

The Art Dome was developed to make the world of collecting fine art accessible to everyone. 

Striving to be inclusive in a field where exclusivity is the norm, The Art Dome welcomes both collectors and novices alike into exhibitions and in the on-line store.



A place where in addition to buying art, you will find a space to explore, appreciate and connect with the beauty and power of creativity.

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Behind the Scenes:
The Story of Our Brand

The Art Dome was created especially for you, the art buyer.

We have always wanted to make the world of art collecting accessible to everyone and help people discover and buy works by established artists as well as the best emerging ones in America. This is how our brand was born.

At The Art Dome we don't just sell you a piece of art, our goal is to connect you with the work that is right for you, whatever the occasion. Whether you want to start your own collection, support a particular emerging artist, add an anchor piece to your home, or celebrate a special event.

In a field where exclusivity is the norm, The Art Dome welcomes collectors and beginners alike to the exhibitions and the online store.

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The Art Dome
The Art Dome

Eduardo Ojeda

- Advisory Board -

As the CEO of ArtDome, Eduardo Ojeda recognizes the importance of surrounding himself with people who bring unique perspectives, experience, and expertise to the table. That is why he has created an Advisory Board consisting of respected professionals who provide valuable insight, guidance, and support in the current stage of the ArtDome.

The Advisory Board acts as a strategic partner to the CEO and provides support and counsel on important decisions, both in the short and long term. They bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in their respective fields and are committed to advancing the success of ArtDome through their collective expertise.

The Advisory Board members continue to work closely with Eduardo Ojeda and the executive team of ArtDome, offering their valuable input and advice to ensure efficient decision-making. With their guidance, ArtDome is equipped to navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and achieve its goals. The Advisory Board has already played an important role in shaping the direction of the company through their insight, and the ArtDome is grateful for their continued support.

The Art Dome
The Art Dome


Lina Maria is an accomplished international business administration professional with an MBA in Fashion Business. Currently, she works for a renowned architecture and restoration company, where she is responsible for managing the company's administrative operations and has honed her skills in areas such as strategic management and project analysis.

Throughout her career, Lina Maria has worked with a diverse range of clients and businesses, from small start-ups to large multinational corporations. Drawing on her expertise in international business and fashion, she has successfully developed and implemented innovative business strategies for these companies, helping them to expand their operations and increase market share.
Lina Maria's expertise in international business, combined with her strong analytical and strategic thinking skills, allows her to provide valuable insights and solutions to businesses looking to grow or even start a business in the art industry. She is passionate about helping companies succeed and thrive, and her dedication to leveraging her skills and expertise helps businesses succeed in various industries.

The Art Dome
The Art Dome


Jonathan Allen currently serves as the Government Relations Manager on ADL’s Government Relations, Advocacy, and Community Engagement (GRACE) team. His portfolio includes serving as a federal lobbyists to advance ADL’s policies on Capitol Hill and in the Administration, and supporting the Southern Division’s advocacy work across 15 states.

Prior to joining ADL, Jonathan served as the Outreach Director for the Jewish Democratic Council of America, where he oversaw its 15+ state chapters, organizing and advocacy work.

Jonathan is a proud graduate of the University of Maryland, where he served as Student Body President, on the Board of Maryland Hillel, and President of Terps for Israel. While a student, he interned for then-Minority Whip Steny Hoyer, the House Foreign Affairs Committee, AIPAC, and then-Maryland Democratic Caucus Chair Eric Leudtke.

Jonathan was raised in South Florida and his family is originally from Colombia.

The Art Dome
The Art Dome

Ricardo Leyva Gutiérrez

is a creative who builds relationships. Passionate about brands and customer service, he studied Marketing at Politécnico Grancolombiano in Bogotá, and worked for more than 20 years for companies such as Levapan, Unilever, L'Oréal, and Johnson & Johnson. Ricardo has transformed the traditional marketing industry through his company Siśtole, which he founded 16 years ago. Siśtole, now renamed as Latir, is ranked among the top advertising and marketing companies in the country and region.

In recent years, Ricardo has designed and executed inspiring and disruptive experiences for global leaders, such as "Leaders inspired - by Cirque du Soleil" in 2017 and "Finding My Virginity, a leaders' experience" with Richard Branson in 2019. One of his most recent ventures is to amplify EXMA in Colombia with his partner, Fernando Anzures, who leads the largest marketing platform in Latin America. In the last edition of EXMA in May 2019, they brought together more than 6,500 people in Bogotá for an experience of inspiration, knowledge, and networking for the marketing world, which prompted them to "change everything" with the help of President Barack Obama.

After that, Ricardo amazed the business community in LATAM with the largest transformation event ever held in the region, EXMA BeOn, in May 2020. Over 120,000 people connected in one day, and Ricardo's team produced virtual and physical events for clients such as Bancolombia, Visa, Alcaldía de Bogotá, ETB, Andina, and Miller Light, with a unique vision of reinvention and future-building. Ricardo has been ranked as one of Colombia's most innovative entrepreneurs, which has allowed him to be part of the Endeavor network and one of the investors in Shark Tank Colombia.

The Art Dome
The Art Dome

Alejandro Castaño

Alejandro Castaño is a prominent architect and art collector, recognized for his talent in architectural design and his passion for contemporary art. With a creative vision and exceptional ability to merge aesthetics and functionality, he has become one of the most influential professionals in his field.

Born and raised in Bogotá, Colombia, Alejandro discovered his passion for architecture at an early age. Inspired by the beauty of buildings and the importance of design in the built environment, he decided to pursue a career in this field. He completed his academic training at the renowned Universidad de los Andes, where he obtained his degree in Architecture with academic excellence.
After graduating, Alejandro began working at a renowned architectural firm, where he had the opportunity to participate in landmark projects. Over the years, he has played a key role in the design and execution of various architectural projects, residential developments, shopping centers, and public spaces. In addition to his distinguished career as an architect, Alejandro has also made a significant impact in the art world. He is a passionate collector of contemporary art and has become a pioneer in the development of the Soho/Wynwood of Bogotá, a vibrant art district known as San Felipe. Thanks to his vision and dedication, he has successfully transformed urban areas into dynamic spaces where architecture, art, and culture converge.

Alejandro's art collection encompasses a wide range of disciplines and nationally and internationally recognized artists. His commitment to contemporary art goes beyond mere acquisition of artworks, as he has also been an active promoter of exhibitions and art events in San Felipe. His passion for art merges with his architectural approach, creating spaces where aesthetics and artistic expression intertwine harmoniously.

In addition to his achievements as an architect and art collector, Alejandro has been invited to be part of advisory boards and expert committees, where he brings his expertise and knowledge in both the fields of architecture and art. His comprehensive vision and unique perspective have been valued in decision-making processes related to policies and regulations in the architectural and cultural spheres. Alejandro Castaño is widely recognized in the architectural and artistic community as a visionary leader. His innovative approach, passion for design, and commitment to art continue to drive his career and his contribution to the development of the built environment and the art scene in Bogotá and beyond.


What Sets Us Apart

Young community

The art dome young movers & shakers

Bringing young artists and young buyers together in an interactive and enthusiastic way. Our Young Movers and Shakers are eager to engage and eager to join the live platform whenever we send out an invitation. Live conversations within a vibrant young live community.

The Art Dome
The Art Dome

First option

The art dome first option

In today’s art world the cards are stacked against the common enthusiast. A lot of works are sold even before they hit the market. Not in our First Option plan. We want to attract all buyers and open the doors to the post-war and contemporary art sales. First Option includes a wide range of established, emerging, and undervalued artists, priced especially for young and new collectors.


Support the arts

The art dome gives back

Our aim is also to be a generous donor to the art world. We work with nonprofit organizations to support specific art related causes, but also mentoring programs for emerging artists and young gallery owners. We are proud of our collection of generous experts willing to donate some of their time.

The Art Dome
The Art Dome



At The Art Dome we believe that acquiring art should be a pleasure and an unforgettable experience. Therefore, we have made it as easy as possible for you to own an authentic piece of art. Simply choose "Shop Pay" at check out and pay in four easy payments.

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