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Medium Photography
Materials C-print on aluminum
Certificate of authenticity Included (issued by gallery)

Size: 39 x 47 IN

99.06 x 119.38 CM

Vendor:Milagros de la Torre, Peru, b. 1965

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Milagros de la Torre, Perú, b. 1965

Milagros de la Torre, born in Lima in 1965, is a distinguished Peruvian conceptualist photographer and visual artist renowned for her unwavering dedication to exploring the complex theme of violence, both historical and contemporary, in Peru and across Latin America.

Her academic journey led her to study Communication Sciences at the University of Lima, Peru, where she honed her understanding of the communicative power of images. Building on this foundation, she pursued a formal education in Photography at the prestigious London College of Printing in England, refining her artistic skills and deepening her appreciation for the visual medium.

Milagros de la Torre's artistic contributions are punctuated by a series of impactful individual exhibitions, which have garnered acclaim on the international stage. Among these notable exhibitions are "Bulletproof" at the esteemed Y Gallery in New York, USA, in 2009, and "Milagros de la Torre" at the Centro de la Imagen in Mexico City, Mexico, in 2004. Additionally, her work was showcased in "Los pasos perdidos" at the Galería Llucia Homs in Barcelona, Spain, in 2003.

Throughout her illustrious career, Milagros de la Torre has been the recipient of numerous prestigious awards and recognitions. Notably, she was honored with the coveted Guggenheim Scholarship, a testament to her exceptional talent and contributions to the world of art.

Furthermore, she received the Romeo Martínez International Award and the Ibero-American Award for Young Creators for her remarkable series "Los pasos perdidos" in 1996. These accolades underscore her significant impact on the art world and her commitment to pushing the boundaries of conceptual photography.

Milagros de la Torre's artistic pursuits continue to captivate audiences and provoke thought on the intricate interplay between violence and society in Latin America. Her dedication to her craft and her unrelenting exploration of complex themes firmly establish her as a luminary in the realm of conceptual photography.