Untitled, 2010

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Description: Medium Painting
Materials Construction of painted paper
Certificate of authenticity Included (issued by gallery)
Frame Included

Size: 17 3/4 x 15 IN


Vendor:Kirsi Mikkola, Finland, b. 1959

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Kirsi Mikkola, Finland, b. 1959

Kirsi Mikkola, a renowned Finnish artist born in 1959 and currently residing in Berlin, Germany, offers a captivating exploration of abstract art that resonates deeply within the corporate world.

In recent years, Mikkola has dedicated her artistic prowess to crafting a distinctive style of abstract painting that transcends conventional boundaries. Instead of relying on traditional brushstrokes, she employs a remarkable technique, assembling countless strips and sheets of colored paper with meticulous precision. These elements come together, arranged side by side or layered intricately, creating a dynamic interplay of form and color.

Mikkola's artistry defies limits, whether in grandiose, large-scale compositions or in smaller, delicate structures characterized by dissonant yet harmonious colors. Her work is a testament to pushing boundaries, a principle that resonates profoundly in the corporate landscape, where innovation and adaptation are essential for growth.

The artist herself describes her creative process not as a mere act of crafting and refining a harmonious whole, but rather as an intense and concentrated eruption of artistic expression. This perspective offers a powerful parallel to corporate environments, where bursts of creativity and novel approaches often lead to groundbreaking achievements.

Incorporating Kirsi Mikkola's unique artistry into corporate spaces encourages a reimagining of established norms and the fostering of a culture that values innovation and unconventional thinking. Her work serves as a poignant reminder that, within the corporate world, embracing diversity of thought and creative expression can pave the way for transformative growth and success.