Soliloquio Scene, 2000 - María Elena Alvarez

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Description: Materials Gelatin silver print

Size: 19 x 23 IN

48.26 x 58.42 CM

Vendor:Maria Elena Alvarez, Venezuela, b. 1964

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Maria Elena Alvarez, Venezuela, b. 1964

María Elena Álvarez stands as a luminary in the world of visual arts, armed with a wealth of knowledge and expertise. She earned her Master's Degree in Visual Arts from New York University in 1998, solidifying her dedication to her craft. Her academic journey also includes a Bachelor of Arts degree from the prestigious Hartford Art School at the University of Hartford, Connecticut, in 1995.

Álvarez's artistic prowess has graced galleries and exhibitions worldwide, affirming her status as a prominent figure in the contemporary art scene. Recent years have seen her work featured in distinguished showcases, including the 65th Arturo Biennial Michelena at the Museum of the City, Quinta La Isabela in Valencia, Venezuela, in 2010. Her artistic contributions continued to flourish as she participated in the X Armando Reverón National Salon at the Juan Astorga Anta Museum of Modern Art in Mérida, Venezuela, in 2011. Further accolades followed with her presence at the XV Churuguara Biennial at the Ateneo de Churuguara, Falcón, in the same year.

Her work has also graced renowned institutions such as the Mario Abreu Museum in Maracay, the Museum of Fine Arts in Caracas, and the Juan Lovera Municipal Hall of Visual Arts in Caracas, as part of the Aragua National Art Salon. She left her indelible mark on the art world through her participation in the V and VI Maracaibo Biennials at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Zulia, Maracaibo, from 2009 to 2011.

Beyond her native Venezuela, María Elena Álvarez's artistic journey has transcended borders, with exhibitions at prestigious international venues. These include the Carlos Mérida National Museum of Modern Art in Guatemala, the Museum of Contemporary Art and Design in San José, Costa Rica, and the iconic House of the Americas in Havana. Her work has also been celebrated at the Cultural Center of Fine Arts in Lima, the Quito stamp shop in Ecuador, and the Seoul Fine Arts Center in Seoul, South Korea. Additionally, her artistry has been showcased at Blank Studios in Brighton, England, the Augusta Savage Gallery at the University of Massachusetts, Middlessex College Art Gallery in New Jersey, and the NYU Bronfman Center in New York.

María Elena Álvarez's artistic journey is a testament to her boundless talent, relentless dedication, and unwavering commitment to enriching the world with her creative vision. Her work has captivated audiences globally, sparking profound dialogues and evoking emotions that transcend cultural and geographical boundaries. In the ever-evolving tapestry of contemporary art, María Elena Álvarez shines as a beacon of creativity, leaving an indelible imprint on the world's artistic landscape.