Andamio (Scaffold)

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Description: Materials Scaffold in 2mm graphite mines and houses in 0.7mm graphite mines

Size: 7.87x13.77x14.37 IN

20 x 35 x 36,5 CM

Vendor:Camilo Bojaca, Colombia, b. 1985

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Camilo Bojaca, Colombia, b. 1985

Camilo Bojaca embarked on his artistic journey by enrolling in the National University of Colombia in 2005, where he dedicated himself to the study of plastic arts. His exploration of various artistic techniques, including drawing, animation, video, and sculpture, has provided him with a rich canvas to both introspect and engage with central themes, notably the evolving landscape and its contemporary construction.

Bojaca's artistic repertoire reflects a continuous fascination with themes that resonate with the corporate world—landscape, nature, architecture, and the urban environment. His visionary projects, such as "Garden of Weeds" and "Scaffolds," eloquently challenge the manner in which our cities are constructed and their impact on the natural world. Through his art, he presents a compelling vision of hybridization, where the built environment and the natural world harmoniously coexist to their mutual benefit.

Bojaca's meticulous pencil drawings, graphite mine scaffolding creations, and cement sculptures adorned with bonsai exemplify his capacity to provoke thought and reflection. Through these exquisite works, he extends an invitation to reassess our relationship with the global ecosystem and its inhabitants.

Camilo Bojaca's artistic endeavors are particularly relevant within a corporate context, where sustainability, environmental consciousness, and responsible urban development hold paramount importance. His exploration of the interplay between the constructed and the natural aligns seamlessly with the ethos of corporations and organizations committed to promoting ecological balance and harmonious coexistence.

Incorporating Bojaca's art into corporate spaces not only enriches aesthetics but also fosters a meaningful dialogue about the balance between human progress and environmental stewardship. His work serves as a poignant reminder that the corporate world, in its pursuit of innovation and growth, must do so with a profound respect for the world we share with its intricate ecosystems and inhabitants.