How to Choose Fine Art Paintings for Your Own Space: 6 Tips You Need to Know

How to Choose Fine Art Paintings for Your Own Space: 6 Tips You Need to Know

Selecting fine art pieces can seem daunting at first: works of art and the art community itself may seem like a foreign world full of secrets. But a painting shouldn’t make you anxious! Follow our guide and cover your walls with cool art that reflects your personality.

We believe in the transformative power of surrounding yourself with inspiring, cool art that will heighten your daily environment. Fine art collecting can go from a regular hobby to one of your greatest passions through dedication and commitment. Getting into it will quickly hook you in and help you turn your space into a place you really want to spend time in. 

Fine art collecting, contrary to popular belief, is not an activity reserved for the elite. There is art for everyone, and investing in high-quality pieces is an option for anyone with a passion for fine art.


Fine art piece next to plants on a table


Choose fine art pieces that inspire you


The first tip is a simple concept, but it tends to evoke some deep reflection. Artworks that will live with you and give significance to your space should follow a certain theme in your life and fit into your ideological and aesthetic identity

Don't go for an artist just because they’re popular. Instead, you should consider how the piece makes you feel, what sentiments it evokes in you, and whether it resonates with your leitmotif, that idea you consistently find yourself wondering about. 

Think about works of art as if they were roommates that will hopefully stay with you for a long time: you will want to make sure that you can see yourself and your story reflected in the painting that you’ll look at every day. 

Ponder the function of the space


Whether it's your bedroom, living room, kitchen, hallway, or even the bathroom, the space that will hold your fine art pieces should dictate some of the attributes to have in mind.

For instance, if you're working in a bedroom, you should look for works of art that make you feel calm, not stressed or tired, and will encourage feelings of rest and comfort.

Also, colors that match the existing color scheme are preferable, although you can also take advantage of different hues to keep the space from looking boring. On the other hand, a more chill space like a living room will provide more flexibility and allow for more contrasting colors as a statement piece. 

Always have scale in mind


Finding the perfect match between art and space depends heavily on size. A painting that is too big or too small will throw off the harmony and proportions of your interior decoration.

Even if you fall in love with a certain piece and want to display it on a specific wall to showcase how much you identify with it, if the scale doesn't match, the art will be affected by the poor placement choice.

A simple method to avoid this issue is to check the size of the fine art piece and create a basic surface with tape to see how that size fits into your space. Also, when hanging the pieces, take into consideration that they should be at eye level

Research the artist 


Be sure that you know the story behind the art piece. Understanding why the artist decided to express themselves in that particular way gives more meaning to the work. It will further the connection between you and the fine art painting and create a bond that goes beyond aesthetic pleasure.

This step may seem like a hassle to those who don’t particularly enjoy biographical research, but the whole experience will feel richer, deeper, and more nuanced once you have a piece of art that is not only cool by itself, but it also connects with your point of view and the struggles motivating the human behind the art.

If you have the possibility to contact the artist, have a conversation, and feel out the connection on a spiritual and energetic level, the experience will go from a regular purchase to an exchange that goes beyond money.


Fine art pieces in a livingroom

Don’t forget the existing decor


Your fine art piece will coexist with the elements that already inhabit the space. Will it blend in? Or is it meant to be a statement piece that intentionally stands out? Will the end result have a harmonious feeling?


All these questions are essential, especially when you have a space filled with pieces that you selected with such love and care. The objects that you already have hopefully tell part of your story. The goal is to add a painting that will enhance the existing narrative.

Invest in high-quality pieces


Between fleeting trends and important emerging movements, the world of fine art is constantly changing. However, a piece that you connect to on a deep level now will likely resonate with you forever. Hopefully, this piece will go with you wherever you go, and reflect on a specific moment in your life, as well as the thread that sews your experiences together. 


You want a painting that is not only cool today, but which will also stay in optimal condition and retain its value over time. At The Art Dome, our fine art pieces are in top condition and are selected for their beauty and cultural importance. 


Learning how to choose the right piece may take some time and effort, but the process to get there is quite clear. It requires asking questions such as: What is my aesthetic? What is an ongoing theme in my life? These questions, which border on the philosophical, will set you on a rewarding journey of self exploration. 


You don’t have to be an artist yourself, or even an expert art connoisseur, to have a place within the world of fine art. All you need to do is explore different works with an open mind, figure out what moves you and, above all, enjoy the process. 


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