Pop Art

Colombia, 1977

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Edition 41/150
Medium Painting
Materials Screen-print ink on cotton canvas
Certificate of authenticity Included (issued by gallery)

Size: 19 5/8 × 27 1/2 IN

48.26 x 68.58 CM

Vendor:Antonio Caro, Colombia, b. 1950-2021

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Antonio Caro, Colombia, b. 1950-2021

Antonio Caro, born in Bogotá in the year 1950 and who sadly departed on March 29, 2021, was an eminent Colombian conceptual artist who commenced his artistic journey towards the latter part of the 1960s. Throughout his illustrious career, Caro's artistic creations were underpinned by unconventional forms that served as a catalyst for critical discourse on matters pertaining to Colombian politics and society.

Caro's oeuvre positioned him as a contemporary artist who adeptly employed conceptual and iconic visual representations as a means of offering incisive political commentary on his native Colombia. Since the inception of his artistic endeavors in 1970, Antonio Caro cultivated a body of work that, as acknowledged by the annals of art history and esteemed critics, epitomized a quintessential manifestation of conceptual art within the Colombian context. Over the years, his artistic endeavors have invited viewers to engage in a discerning examination of the social and political landscapes of his homeland, replete with both scholarly and popular historical connotations.

Caro's artistic practice was rooted in innovative approaches that transcended traditional paradigms. He harnessed a diverse array of mediums and techniques, encompassing photocopied artworks, public installations, open-air exhibitions, thought-provoking posters, and materials intrinsically linked to indigenous cultural traditions, such as salt, corn, and achiote. A hallmark of his creative output was the pervasive utilization of text as a potent vehicle for the conveyance of impactful messages. This distinctive characteristic endowed his art with a paradoxical dimension, one that merged artistry with political advocacy, thereby affording his work classification within the realm of politically charged pop art.

Among the noteworthy milestones in Antonio Caro's artistic legacy are seminal works including "Salt" (1971), "Imperialism Is a Paper Tiger" (1972), "Aquinocabeelarte" (1972), "There Is No Case" (1974), "Colombia-Marlboro" (1975), "Colombia-Coca Cola" (1977), "Defend Your Talent" (1977), "Everything Is Very Expensive" (1978), "Tribute to Manuel Quintin Lame" (1979), "Project 500" (1987), and "Onoto," among others.

In recognition of his exceptional contributions to the realm of art, Antonio Caro was honored with the prestigious Guggenheim Fellowship in the year 1998, a testament to the enduring impact of his artistic endeavors.