Sin Titulo #22, 2020

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Description: Medium Painting
Materials Watercolor on cotton paper
Certificate of authenticity Included (issued by gallery)
Frame Included

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23 x 33 CM

Vendor:Dionnys Matos, Colombia, b. 1991

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Dionnys Matos, Colombia, b. 1991

Dionnys Matos adopts a visionary approach, deeply inspired by the principles of nature conservation. His artistic endeavors revolve around the creation of recycled art using non-biodegradable disposable materials. A focal point of his work is the transformation of materials like bubble plastic, imparting them with utilitarian significance. His primary objective is to foster awareness regarding the perils faced by our planet, instigate a commitment to its conservation, promote open communication, and inspire citizen engagement in the advocacy of nature preservation, including political commitment to the cause.

Matos pursued his formal education at the El Alba Professional Academy of Plastic Arts in his hometown of Holguín. His artistic influence, however, transcends borders, with exhibitions spanning Cuba, Canada, Colombia, and New York showcasing his creative vision. Currently, he divides his time and artistic endeavors between the vibrant cities of Havana and Bogotá.

Dionnys Matos' artistic journey serves as an embodiment of the transformative power of art when harnessed to promote a noble cause. Through his work, he communicates a vital message: the urgency of protecting our environment and the essential role each citizen plays in this endeavor. His art not only challenges our perceptions but also compels us to take collective action toward a sustainable and harmonious coexistence with the natural world.