Still life, 1987

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Medium Painting
Materials Oil on canvas
Certificate of authenticity Included (issued by gallery)
Frame Not included

Size: 19 x 27 IN

48.26 x 68.58 CM

Vendor:Luciano Ventrone, Italy, b. 1942 - 2021

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Luciano Ventrone, Italy, b. 1942 - 2021

Luciano Ventrone, renowned on an international scale as one of the foremost realist painters of his generation, subscribes to the belief that his artistic creations fundamentally revolve around the principles of optics. In his own words, he asserts, "Painting transcends the mere act of representing an object; it delves into the realms of color and light, transforming the subject into an abstract entity."

Ventrone's academic journey led him through the hallowed halls of Rome's esteemed Liceo Artistico. Despite occasional forays into avant-garde techniques, he ultimately garnered widespread acclaim for his unwavering commitment to academic realism and his meticulous attention to anatomical precision. His exceptional skill in rendering the human form was exemplified by the inclusion of his life drawings in a university textbook dedicated to the study of human anatomy.

A recurring motif within Ventrone's body of work is the portrayal of nudes, often juxtaposed with meticulously arranged still life compositions. Each of his artistic endeavors involves a meticulously choreographed process. Ventrone takes great care in meticulously staging his subjects, subjecting them to the illuminating scrutiny of bright studio lights. In this meticulously orchestrated setting, he captures photographs that serve as the foundation for his paintings, allowing him to harness the power of light and shadow to craft intricate and captivating works of art.