Untitled (Erin and Jenny on bed), 2002

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Medium Photography
Materials Chromogenic Print Photograph
Certificate of authenticity Included (issued by gallery)

Size: 24 x 36 IN

60.96 x 91.44 CM

Vendor:A. L. Steiner, USA, b. 1967

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A. L. Steiner, USA, b. 1967

A. L. Steiner, born in Miami, Florida, in the year 1967, stands as a distinguished American multimedia artist, accomplished author, and dedicated educator, currently based in the vibrant borough of Brooklyn, New York. Her extensive body of work spans across various artistic mediums, encompassing photography, video, installation, collage, and the realm of performance.

Within the captivating tapestry of her artistry, A. L. Steiner seamlessly weaves elements of queerness and eco-feminism, infusing her creations with profound depth and meaning. Her artistic endeavors both in solo and collaborative projects have garnered acclaim for their ingenuity and thought-provoking narratives. Of notable mention, Steiner is an esteemed member of the musical ensemble known as "Chicks on Speed." Furthermore, she holds the distinction of being a co-curator and co-founder, alongside Nicole Eisenman, of "Ridykeulous," a pioneering curatorial venture dedicated to fostering exhibitions of queer and feminist art.

A. L. Steiner embarked on her life's journey in Miami, Florida, in 1967. She pursued her academic aspirations with diligence and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication from George Washington University in 1989. Steiner's commitment to the realm of education is exemplified by her roles as a Visiting Assistant Professor and M.F.A. Program Director at the esteemed Roski School of Art and Design, University of Southern California, during the year 2014. Subsequently, in 2016, she assumed the position of Critic at the renowned Yale School of Art, where she currently serves as the Senior Critic specializing in Film/Video. Additionally, she imparts her wealth of knowledge as faculty within Bard College's MFA photography program. Her contributions to the realm of contemporary art have been recognized through various prestigious awards, including the Foundation for Contemporary Arts Grants to Artists award in 2017, the 2015–2016 Berlin Prize, and the 2015 Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation grant.

A. L. Steiner's profound impact on the world of art is further evident in the inclusion of her work in esteemed permanent collections, notably the evocative piece titled "Untitled (Alex Eating Berries)," held in the Photography collection of The Brooklyn Museum of Art. Her artistry also finds a place of distinction within the Marieluise Hessel collection and The Museum of Modern Art.