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Description: Medium Photography
Materials Color negative on chromogenic paper
Certificate of authenticity Included (issued by gallery)

Size: 37 x 37 IN

93.98 x 93.98 CM

Vendor:Javier Vallhonrat, Spain, b. 1953

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Javier Vallhonrat, Spain, b. 1953

Javier Vallhonrat, born in Madrid in the year 1953, is a distinguished figure in the realm of fine arts. His educational journey culminated in the successful completion of his Fine Arts studies in the year 1984. Notably, in 1995, he received the esteemed National Photography Prize bestowed upon him by the Ministry of Culture of Spain, a testament to his profound contributions to the art of photography.

Since 1997, Javier Vallhonrat has held the position of a professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cuenca, a role that continues to enrich the academic landscape. Despite his professional commitments, he maintains his residence in the vibrant city of Madrid.

Javier Vallhonrat's artistic evolution has been marked by a gradual integration of video into his portfolio, a realm that initially rested solely on the foundations of photography.

Throughout his illustrious career, Javier Vallhonrat has graced numerous galleries and exhibitions with his remarkable works, showcasing his artistic prowess:
- Aele Gallery, Madrid, 1983
- II Diaframma Gallery, Milan, 1985
- Círculo de Bellas Artes, Madrid, 1985
- Galería Buades, Madrid, 1986
- Galería Visor, Valencia, 1986
- Porin Taidemuseo, Pori, Finland, 1986
- Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Caracas, 1986
- Les Somnambules Gallery, Toulouse, 1987
- Van Melle Gallery, Paris, 1988
- Fotobienal, Vigo, 1988
- Abbaye de Montmajour, Arles, 1989
- Galería Forum, Tarragona, 1989, 1992
- Parco Photographers Gallery, Tokyo, 1990

Furthermore, Javier Vallhonrat's artistic journey has been marked by his contributions to notable publications, wherein he has shared his artistic insights with the world. Several of his published works include "Animal Vegetal" (1986), "El Espacio Poseído" (1992), "Autogramas" (1993), "Cajas" (1996), "Trabajos Fotográficos, 1991-1996" (1997), and many more.

Not only is Javier Vallhonrat celebrated for his remarkable artistic achievements, but he also plays a pivotal role in the educational realm, enriching the minds of future artists through his tenure as a professor. His unwavering dedication to the world of fine arts continues to inspire and elevate the artistic community.