Sekai no Imi (meaning of life), 2006 - Yujiro Otsuki

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Medium Photography
Materials Gelatine silver print
Certificate of authenticity Included (issued by gallery)
Frame Not included

Size: 29 x 44 IN

73.66 x 111.76 CM

Vendor:Yujiro Otsuki, Japan, b. 1948

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Yujiro Otsuki, Japan, b. 1948

Yujiro Otsuki, a distinguished Japanese artist in the realm of Asian Modern & Contemporary art, came into this world in the year 1948. His artistic legacy is a testament to his profound impact on the art world, leaving an indelible mark through his creative expressions.

The artistic journey of Yujiro Otsuki has traversed various dimensions, and his works have been presented at auctions on multiple occasions. The realized prices for his creations have exhibited remarkable diversity, ranging from 202 USD to 303 USD. These valuations are contingent upon factors such as the size and medium of the respective artworks.

In the annals of auction history, a pivotal moment occurred in 2018 when Yujiro Otsuki achieved a record price for his artwork at an auction. The exceptional piece titled "Traveler" fetched an impressive sum of 303 USD, and this historic sale took place at Matsart Auctioneers & Appraisers in Jerusalem. This milestone underscores the enduring appeal and significance of Yujiro Otsuki's artistic contributions in the world of Asian Modern & Contemporary art.

Yujiro Otsuki's body of work continues to resonate with art enthusiasts and collectors worldwide, evoking a profound appreciation for his creative vision and the cultural richness of his Japanese heritage. His artistic legacy serves as a source of inspiration and admiration, embodying the timeless essence of Asian Modern & Contemporary art.

Artist Record Prices
The 2022 record price for Yujiro Otsuki was for Untitled,
The 2018 record price for Yujiro Otsuki was for Traveler