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Description: Materials Oil and tar on canvas

Size: 39.37 x 55.12 IN

100 x 140 CM

Vendor:Didier Bedoya, Colombia, b. 1995

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Didier Bedoya, Colombia, b. 1995

Didier Bedoya Acevedo, a promising artist currently pursuing studies at the Superior Academy of Arts in Bogotá, has earned first place in the prestigious Club el Nogal Youth Art Salon with his compelling work, "Anónimos." This remarkable piece delves into the poignant narrative of Venezuelan migration to Colombia and is a testament to Bedoya's artistic prowess.

Born in Colombia but intimately connected to both Colombia and Venezuela, Bedoya's life experiences have uniquely shaped his artistic vision. "Anónimos" is, in many ways, an autobiographical expression, drawing from his own life's journey and encounters.

The artwork itself, crafted using tar, captures the migration of Venezuelans through a powerful visual narrative. It depicts two anonymous figures traversing a makeshift bridge constructed from pallets, suspended over water. Bedoya's work invites contemplation, as he aptly remarks, "It is not known what they are carrying, they are not known who they are, and they cross the fragment of a bridge. What divides us are rivers. The action of crossing is always present in smuggling as inmigration."

The choice of tar as the medium is profoundly symbolic, as it is a derivative of petroleum, an element frequently smuggled across the border separating Colombia and Venezuela. This artwork is part of a series that skillfully captures various facets of the migrant experience, offering a poignant reflection on their movements and aspirations.

Bedoya's life story further enriches the depth of his artistic perspective. Born in Antioquia, he embarked on a journey with his mother and siblings, spanning regions like Vichada on the Colombian-Venezuelan border, and even residing in Venezuela, particularly in Puerto Ayacucho, while continuing his studies in Colombia. His life experiences exposed him to the complexities of border life, characterized by the ebb and flow of people seeking better opportunities, and the challenges of smuggling amidst the backdrop of guerilla influences.

"Anónimos" is an eloquent embodiment of the themes that have shaped Bedoya's life journey. It delves into the intricacies of border living, the resilience of migrants, and the universal quest for a brighter future. Notably, Bedoya's exceptional work earned him the acquisition prize of 10 million pesos, further cementing his place as an artist who bridges the divide between art and the compelling social realities of our world.