Ventana a la Selva, 2011

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Description: Medium Painting
Materials Watercolor
Certificate of authenticity Included (issued by gallery)
Frame Not included

Size: 42 x 64 IN

106.68 x 162.56 CM

Vendor:Cesar Bertel, Colombia, b. 1957

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Cesar Bertel (1957, Cartagena de Indias)

Cesar Bertel's journey and artistic expression are intricately interwoven with his profound connection to the Amazon jungle of Colombia. This remarkable affiliation has spanned a remarkable 15-year chapter of his life, during which he captured the essence of this lush environment through his expansive watercolor creations.

The Amazon jungle, as Bertel beautifully describes, is akin to a living entity, bearing resemblance to a woman in its exquisite beauty, intricate forms, enigmatic depths, captivating fragrances, and ceaseless cycle of renewal. Like our Inca, Mayan, and Aztec ancestors who aptly referred to it as Pachamama, Bertel too feels a profound connection when he immerses himself in its luminous depths, deciphering its intricate labyrinths and mesmerizing shapes. His artistic odyssey is a journey through his fears and an exploration of its limitless polychromatic palette. With each artwork, he meticulously crafts a map for the observer, inviting them into an internal dialogue of harmony with nature.

The Amazon jungles, he fervently believes, are not just geographical landscapes but the very life force of our planet. They provide the essential elements of fresh water, pure air, sustenance, moisture, medicine, shelter, and unparalleled biodiversity. These jungles embrace diversity in all its forms—be it mulatto, Indian, mestizo, black, or American—making them sacred and universal. They are, unequivocally, the essence of humanity.

Cesar Bertel's watercolors are a profound testament to his deep-seated reverence for the secrets of this colossal living entity. Each creation bears the imprint of an inner emotion, encapsulating a profound respect for the jungle's mysteries—a living entity only brought to life through the creative act, reminiscent of a supreme, sovereign, and infinitely perfect intelligence.

Noteworthy among Bertel's artistic techniques is his preference for large formats, employing canvas papers and canvases that eschew glass. This age-old approach not only enhances the visual impact of his works but also serves to extend their lifespan indefinitely.

In embracing the corporate context, Cesar Bertel's artistic journey offers a unique perspective that aligns with principles of environmental stewardship, cultural appreciation, and the celebration of nature's splendor. His profound connection to the Amazon jungle beckons us to embark on a journey of understanding and appreciation, fostering a sense of harmony with the natural world and the communities it sustains.